Theme Park

Review by Dyse Murder

This is one of the only Jaguar games I owned, but it is a good one. Theme park was a strategy game similar to Sim City; the only difference is you designed an amusement park. The main draw to this game is that it is undeniable fun, and it's one of the better sims out there. The only probable flaw in this is the graphics and a different music selection than the one this game already has.


The graphics were ok but not quality. It looks like touched up version of the other games. The text it is kind of small, but it is recognizable. It looks like a real theme park once you get the ball rolling on making it look good. Overall the graphics could have been slightly better than what appears here.


There is nice cutesy theme that goes along quite right with the atmosphere of the game. You hear you're usually amusement park sounds like rides, people screaming and other noise. The sound department was good but it could have been better as well.

Game Play

This game is for one player only. You are a theme park owner trying to build the perfect park. You do everything from getting roller coasters, food stands, and hiring people and any other thing you may need. There is a tutorial mode for your first time playing, this gives you an advisor, who will tell you what you may need. There's all sorts of things that may happen to you park like, fires, employee's striking, and children puking on rides that are too fast. You have to like most strategy games build it perfectly; small errors can ruin an entire park. The difficulty is adjustable. Once you get a good park you can put your money into other parks. The difficulty is adjustable. There is a save feature, so you can save your good park.


I found this game to be a lot of fun. If this is your first strategy game then you won't be disappointed, it is a lot more fun than some of the 16 bit system strategies like Populous. If you ever dreamed of a perfect park, then here's your shot to grab it. The replay value is high because you can make as many parks as you want, and this tends not to get boring to quick. Strategy fans will love this. That's a Dy$e Guarantee.

Reviewer's Score: 8 / 10