White Men Can't Jump

Review by Dyse Murder

White Men Can't Jump seemingly is about the movie from the title right. Wrong, this game has nothing to do with the succesful movie, which I don't understand how this game even deserves the right to have the name of that movie, since it isn't nearly as cool as it. Some major key elements needed to be fixed on this game, even when you first play this game you will notice them.

Visuals 2.0/10

Very short of spectacular, actually their is nothing interesting to see here or do. The players actually have no faces which is kind of hard to beleive because this is suppose to be a 64-bit system (yeah right) anyway the parket looks nothing like a real court and looks flat and cheap. The background looks distoted with trees and clouds, this is suppose to be street ball why are the tree's back their?

Audio 0.0/10

Even worst than the graphics is the horrible music in this game. If you ever played WWf Smackdown for PSX you get the idea, perhaps this music is even worst. The music is up temp and sounds like New age music why would any human being play new age music at a basketball court? Come on this is street ball I want to hear some DMX or Nas not the garbage that they played, well I had to listen to my own music to get a realer effect. The Sound FX aren't good either with the same tired lines over and over. You will wish these guys would just shut up and play some ball, not because their intimidating you, your just tired of hearing their mouth.

Game Play 3.0/10

This game is for 1 to 4 players. You played street ball for money which is the only reason this grants the title of the movie because that is what the movie was about.
The controls are real bad a lot of times you would try to shoot and when you release the ball doesn't get released at the right time, and since the shooting is hard also you are liable to make a brick or an air ball. The other teams are full of hacks, they don't even give you a chance to clear the ball they always steal the ball and punch you in the back of the head while doing so. Which makes this game a lot more annoying and might get you slightly aggrevated since their isn't any ref. The difficulty is intermediate once you figure out the sweet spot you'll dump the defense like last week's trash.

Overall 5.0/10

Such a great movie such a lousy game seems to be a common thing today. Not too many movie to games work anyway or are at least good, none that I could think of off hand. This is especially true when the game is NOTHING like the movie. The replay value is pretty low with 3 friends playing with you it will turn into a slug fest pure and simple and little basketball will be going on. Unless you really need a B-Ball sim for your Jag then get it, if basketball is not to your liking don't even think about this game. That's a Dy$e Guarantee.

Reviewer's Score: 5 / 10