Star Alliance - Battle for Earth

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Star Alliance, a 2D space shooter, is being developed for the Jaguar by the Jaguar Development Club. Star Alliance will be the JDC's first game. Although Lars Hannig the game's programmer is "not sure about the format yet" he hopes utilize the CD format. Some levels will have a static background a la Galaga others a scrolling background like Raiden.

Features as Listed on the JDC Star Alilance Page:

  • Explosions with Trash
  • High Quality Graphics because of loseless compression.
  • High Score List
  • Password option for entering secret codes
  • Multiple player and enemy shots on screen
  • Many different levels
  • Many different enemys
  • Difficult settings to make the game playable and beatable for everyone
  • Different game modes
  • and much, much more...
Type: Shooter
Release Date: ?
Medium: CD?
Number of players: 1?

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