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Phase Zero Prototype Cart at B&C 06/05/02

Game  Update

Game Labels (visit B & C for full size images):

pzlabel.jpg (449137 bytes)

barlabel.jpg (376526 bytes)


Phase Zero

Shut Up & Jam

Phase Zero Prototype cart is available at B & C ComputerVisions for $50.  Barkley Shut Up & Jam, in "unknown condition", is also listed for $60. Interesting. . .

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Posted at  Jaguar interactive II

Phase Zero news

Posted by Carl ( on June 07, 2002 at 09:33:41:

I don't have time to do a press release on this for now, so here's the deal:

Songbird has negotiated rights to Phase Zero for the Jaguar. Bruce has been authorized by Songbird to produce a small number of carts, and BTW the cart label will also receive some changes to reflect this news.

In addition, the original developers have suggested they still had the source code around somewhere, but obviously they haven't looked at it in a few years. They're still searching for it, and if they find it, I will receive access to that as well.

So, for now, Songbird will be releasing the Phase Zero demo carts (along with B&C). If things go well, I'll eventually get the source and maybe in another year or two (that's how these things go, you know), we can get a full version of the game. But that's a big IF, and no one should assume a new version is coming out for a LONG time, if ever!

I realize the PZ demo cart will not be for everybody, and it's clearly not as complete as other games published by Songbird. But it's a very cool, playable demo with high framerate and great graphics. A nice addition to any Jag fan's collection.

Watch for the PZ carts to go on sale at Songbird in the next week or two!

Carl Forhan
Songbird Productions


B & C
Area 64 Previews

Press Release Blowout 06/03/02

Site Update

I've added several press releases that I've missed this year to the 2002 Press Release Archive. Check it out.

I'm on a roll! Two updates within a month of each other! Cool! J

Games in Development update 05/21/02

Game  Update


Jagkiosk.jpg (60469 bytes)

This pic of a Jag kiosk that appeared on eBay some time ago was sent by Wilbur G. McCalmont . Eventually I'll add  this to the hardware section but its definitely too cool not to post right away.

Despite a few games being canceled, the Jaguar development scene is still alive and kicking. To the delight of Jag fans, Protector SE was recently released. FORCE Design and Starcat Developments are both still developing games. 

All three of FD's games seem to be making progress as can be seen in these screens:

gp5.gif (92831 bytes)

lfj2.jpg (60817 bytes)

In the CRAZE screen shot

Starcat Developments' new game, Star Alliance, has also been progressing very well, it now has side-scrolling screens as well as the top view ones.

Latest Screenshot

Old Screenshot


FORCE Design
Starcat Developments

Various Updates 03/16/02

News Updated


It has been almost a month since the last update, so here is a run down of the latest news:

Protector SE Available Soon

See press release

BattleSphere Gold Available NOW!!!

It surprised me too. This new version, that's right NEW, has updated animations and  menus, more codes, bugs corrected, hidden bonus games, and loads more. Check out the ScatoLOGIC Homepage for more info.

ScatoLOGIC Releases Jag Demo CD

Includes the Slam Racer Demo,  Music Player Mark II, the Native Demo, and more. Check out the press release.

Tempest 1000 Java Game

Anybody seen this? It's a pretty cool little game.

Sorry about no updates for so long, I've been really busy lately. Maybe updates will be more regular in the future.

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