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FORCE Design MAD BODIES at Midwest Classic 06/03/03


Visit FORCE Design for pics and info.

Jaguar interactive II 


January 07, 2004 - Wow! An update! Every few months I actually have time to update this site. With college and everything else I have going on right now I am happy that this site is still up after all these years.  It's hard to believe that people visit this site I created almost six years ago. Okay enough of that. On to the games!

Everyone should visit FORCE Design's website. There's new information on GORF pluz & Mad Bodies. Check it Out!

eXtreme-Rush is thinking of resurrecting StormWorks. Visit Jaguar interactive II and tell him (or any developer or potential developer)  you support any effort that might lead to new games on the Jaguar (or any other classic game system for that matter).

That's all I've got for now. E-mail me at heath @ (remove the spaces) with news or reviews or any other information. It may take me a couple of months to post it but it'll eventually get done. Thanks.

FORCE Design MAD BODIES at Midwest Classic 06/03/03

Game  Update

Visit FORCE Design for more pics and info.

June 2, 2003 - FORCE Design, the ebonic Jaguar Developer, is pleased to announce the first JagCD game from FORCE Design (3DSS) Mad Bodies will be displayed at following 2003 events this year: The Midwest Classic, Video Game Summit, Classic Gaming Expo.
A new game series is about to hit the Jaguar CD with rockin' gameplay.

A newly form of evil is out and only ETHunter, Clay, Skip, Thunderbird, and Wes are trained enough to stop the devasting madness The Graphics Man cause with fusing the world's reality within his ebonic mind to rule all! And the only way to get The Graphics Man is to enter the Dark Knight Games tournment co-hosted by Dave Vaporware!
Mad Bodies contain 10 stages of solid gameplay, colorful graphics, excellent sfx, and cool bosses. Not one Jaguar fan should miss this sleeper hit!


FORCE Design
Area 64 Previews

Jaglink 2 06/03/03

JagLink 2


From the Else Engineering website:


The JagLink 2 is shipping!!! 50 units are available for immediate shipment. 75 more are ready to be assembled if demand warrants. Please see the "Order" page for information on how to order. The price has been set at $30.00, plus $3.85 for priority shipping in the USA (shipping to other countries will vary).


Else Engineeringoll! Two updates within a month of each other! Cool! J

BJL Mod Guide 06/03/03

Various Updates 06/03/03

News Updated


It has been almost a year since the last update. Wow, that's a long time. It's hard to keep up with everything: college, baseball (go braves!), videogames, work. I have decided to do a little updating, don't know how long it'll last. I'm just going to enjoy it while it does last. Jaguar rules! (at least in a retro mid-nineties kind of way)  

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