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This page will show you rare items and products that never made it to store shelves or production. 

JagDuo was a Jag & a JagCD combo.After Sony Playstation and Sega Saturn came out,Atari Corp. realized that they had a higher graffic and better cd system than PSX and Saturn for $249(cheaper than PSX and Saturn at the time).But in order to use the JagCD,you would have to have the Jaguar cartridge system that cost $149.So thier answer was the "JagDuo" selling at the price of $300.I heard it was supposed to be released in spring of 1995 but it never did.

The Data Glove 
(No Description)

 The "VR" Headset 
Wow a Virtual Reality headset for the Jag, totally cool, IMO!! Anyway lets get to the point, this device was made for the jag by a company called The Virtuality Group. They designed virtual reality arcade software and hardware!! Well this device had two parts to it, the headset and the tracking station. The headseyt was to see the game (obviously) and the tracking statiopn was to detect yojur movement in the game. The VR set was meant for users to be sitting while playing the game and if you moving out of the tracking stations range, which was about 100 degrees, the game would automaticall puase until you gfot back to the tracking range!! These trackers could be placed in a circle to create a range of 360 degrees!! There was only one game that came out with actual VR code in it and that was Missile Command 3D. And you could play this game with or without the VR headset equipment!!

Jaguar Flash ROM Unit
(No Description)

The Jaguar Webtv Adapter
Jaguar WebTV!! This is an adapter to hook up to the Jag so that you can enjoy the internet right on your tv!! Pretty cool..huh? I do not know how many were made but i dont know that it was never realeased. Oh well i guess we have to buy the real thing!!

Jaguar Modem 
The Jaguar Modem-This modem was designed espacially for the Atari Jaguar!! This unique device featured 2 telephone jacks ,a power switch, two LED's, a headphone jack, and a microphone jack so you can talk and listen to your openents pon the other end. It also supported call-waiting and if a call were to come in while playing then the game would pause and you could take the call!! The only game with the programming to use the modem is Ultra Vortex. Gameplay is good but voice quality isnt as well because oh the bandwidth sharing between the data and voice through the phone line. Highest connection is 19.2kbaud. Pretty cool IMO, to bad only one game can use it :(