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Updated Friday, July, 27, 2001

Force Design is one of the handful of developers still making games for the Jaguar. Currently three games (not counting Battle Puzzler and Mad Bodies) are being worked on. Like most other Jag developers Force Design is composed of only one person: Terance Williams (also known as The Graphics Man). For more information on Force Design and the games that are being developed visit the FORCE Design Website.

CRAZE is  an update of  Berzerk. As stated by to the FD website the game will feature a lot of old school action and graphics. According to a recent interview with The Graphics Man at The Atari Times, CRAZE will be released on CD using Songbird's JagFree CD.

LEGION FORCE JIDAI is described as an action platform game.  It is very much in the vein of Metal-Slug. The game will feature in-game cinemas with voices, five levels, 1 or 2 players, five weapons, and Mad Bosses.

Gp Earth GOD's Troopers is a remake of the old Bally/Midway Gorf game. As with the other two games I can't wait for this game to be finished. If you want to see a video clip of this game visit the FORCE Design Website.

craze1.jpg (153588 bytes)
Craze Title Screen

lfj1.jpg (53365 bytes)
Legion Force Jidai Title Screen

lfjdemo3.gif (2426 bytes)
Legion Force Jidai Main Character (Taken from demo using JagView)

gp1.jpg (12895 bytes)
Gorf Pluz Title Screen

gp4.jpg (21818 bytes)
Gorf Pluz Ingame Screen