Area 64 Editorials

Why own a Jaguar?

One of the main reasons I bought a jaguar in the first place, was because of the cost. For what you would pay for one Nintendo 64 game you could buy a jaguar and two games. Although compared to today's lightning fast polygonal graphics, the jaguar doesn't hold up terribly well it, but does not look horrible either. Most of the games are sprit-based, but the depth of the games clearly make up for anything lost in graphical flare. One of the main complaint of critics is the lack of games and lack of graphical ability. A recent surprise for Jag fans was that one of the magazine's that was originnaly one of these critics, game pro, reviewed some of the new telegames releases  (after persitate letter writing for them to at least look at the games). In their review of Iron Soldier Game Pro stated: Iron Soldier 2's nicely animated texture-mapped polygon objects will probably give Jaguar a surprise, while a driving, menacing soundtrack-mastered for Surround Sound, no less-propels gamers through the carnage. Probably one of the best reasons to own a Jaguar is the impending release of Battle Sphere, the most advanced game on the system. The Jaguar may not be the newest, or the most advanced system anymore, but all things considered it's still one of the best.