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Type: Air Combat
Orientation: Horizontal
Number of players: 1
Blue Lightning
Review by John DeLuna
You know it's a shame that this game never hit the mainstream. Because Blue Lightning is the *best* arcade-style flight game around. It blows away anything Gameboy has to offer, and gives console games a run for their money. This is ten years after it's release mind you. Think of Blue Lightning as After Burner with a point. Here's the story...we're at war. And you're the pilot of the Air Force's baddest fighter, the Blue Lightning. Your objective is destroy all the enemy bases you can, and in doing so, win the war. Your overall objective is broken into several missions, each in a different part of the world. Trying to stop your success will be the finest the enemy has to offer in *both* air and land firepower. At your disposal...unlimited ammo, and up to ten missles. It's not going to be easy, but who would play if it was?

GRAPHICS: Blue Lightning was one of Lynx's launch titles, but you'd be hard pressed to tell from the smooth graphics. In fact, many of the Lynx's initial games sported some of the best graphics *ever*. BL is no different. Your fighter jet turns and rolls beautifully. The attention to animation is incredibly high, and it shows. The enemy planes, although generic, are also well animated. Rarely does pixelation occur. And the diverse terrains are wonderful. Everything, from grass fields to sand dunes, is handled with care. ****3/4

SOUNDS: A little on the weak side. The sounds are solid, but just aren't up to par with the rest of the game. The crack of lightning at the start screen is nice. And the missles' screaming through the air are good enough. But a soundtrack would have been a plus. And the sound of your engine doesn't sound as "powerful" as it should. ***

CONTROL: This makes Blue Lightning. The controls are simple and intuitive. Once an enemy comes into view, a crosshair system locks in. Once locked in, you can fire your missles for a sure-fire kill. Your fighter's controls are equally nice. Everything from a simple turn, to a missle-dodging barrel roll is a snap to pull off. ****

REPLAY: Thanks god for passwords! Blue Lightning's password system let's you pick up were you left off, and for a portable game, that's crucial. Especially since the last few levels can take up to five minutes each. That doesn't sound like a lot, but five minutes of intense action can be an eternity. ****

When Atari launched the Lynx, they were bent on having a launch game for every taste. And Blue Lightning definately fits the bill for any fan of air combat. It's kinda other Lynx game would come close to BL. But no game could surpass this game. If your looking for a flight simulator, Warbirds is closer to meeting your need. But if you just want fun, arcade-action, go with Blue Lightning.

Reviewer's Score: 9 / 10




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