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Game Title Reviewer Genre Score
A.P.B. Richard Lawrence Action 8
A.P.B. Screenshots John DeLuna Action 6
A.P.B. Robert Jung Action 8.5
Awesome Golf Richard Lawrence Sports  9
Awesome Golf  Robert Jung Sports  9
Baseball Heros Robert Jung Sports 8
Basketbrawl Robert Jung Sports 4
Batman Returns Screenshots John DeLuna  Platform 5
Batman Returns Robert Jung  Platform 8
Battlewheels John DeLuna  Combat racing 7
Battlewheels Robert Jung  Combat racing 9.5
Bill & Ted's Ex. Adv. Richard Lawrence Adventure 6
Bill & Ted's Ex. Adv. Screenshots Robert Jung Adventure 8
Blockout Richard Lawrence Tetris 3-D 8
Blockout Robert Jung Tetris 3-D 8
Blue Lightning Richard Lawrence Afterburner clone 7
Blue Lightning John DeLuna Afterburner clone 9
Blue Lightning John DeLuna Afterburner clone 9
Bubble Trouble Robert Jung   7.5
California Games Richard Lawrence Sports  6
California Games John DeLuna Sports  8
California Games Robert Jung Sports  6
Checkered Flag Richard Lawrence Checkered Flag 8
Checkered Flag Robert Jung Racing 10
Chip's Challenge Richard Lawrence Puzzle 10
Chip's Challenge Robert Jung Puzzle 8.5
Crystal Mines II Robert Jung Puzzle 7.5
Desert Strike Robert Jung Shooter 8
Dinolymics Robert Jung Puzzle 7.5
Dirty Larry Renegade Cop Robert Jung Action 5.5
Double Dragon John DeLuna Beat'em Up 9
Double Dragon Robert Jung Beat'em Up 5
Dracula The Undead Robert Jung Adventure 7.5
Electro-Cop Richard Lawrence Adventure  7
Electro-Cop John DeLuna Adventure  5
Electro-Cop Robert Jung Adventure  7.5
European Soccer Challenge Robert Jung Sports 8
Fidelity Ultimate Chess Richard Lawrence Chess  7
Fidelity Ultimate Chess Robert Jung Chess  7
Gates of Zendocon Richard Lawrence Side scroll shoot 8
Gates of Zendocon Screenshots John DeLuna Side scrolling shooter 6
Gates of Zendocon Robert Jung Side scrolling shooter 7.5
Gauntlet III Richard Lawrence Dungeon explore 6
Gauntlet III Robert Jung Dungeon explore 5.5
Gordo 106 Robert Jung Platform 5
Hard Drivin' Richard Lawrence Driving sim 1
Hard Drivin' Robert Jung Driving sim 6
Hockey  Robert Jung Sports 7
Hydra Robert Jung Action 8
Ishido  Richard Lawrence Strategy 8
Ishido  Robert Jung Strategy 8
Jimmy Conners' Tennis Robert Jung Sports 8
Joust John DeLuna Arcade Classic 10
Joust Robert Jung Arcade Classic 10
Klax  Richard Lawrence Tetris action  10
Klax  John DeLuna Tetris-type Puzzle 9
Klax  Robert Jung Tetris-type Puzzle 9.5
Kung Food Robert Jung Platform 6.5
Ms. Pac-Man Richard Lawrence Pac-man  8
Lemmings Robert Jung Puzzle 9
Lynx Casino Robert Jung Casino 7
Malibu Bikini Volleyball Robert Jung Sports 7
NFL_Football Robert Jung Sports 4.5
Ninja Gaiden Richard Lawrence Chop Suki 6
Ninja Gaiden John DeLuna Platform 9
Ninja Gaiden Robert Jung Platform 7
Ninja Gaiden III Robert Jung Platform 7.7
Pac-Land Richard Lawrence Mario clone 6
Pac-Land Robert Jung Platform 7
Paperboy Richard Lawrence Scroll & "shoot" 6
Paperboy John DeLuna Arcade Classic 10
Paperboy Robert Jung Arcade Classic 7
Pinball Jam Robert Jung Pinball 8
Pit-Fighter John DeLuna Fighting 4
Pit-Fighter Robert Jung Fighting 5
Qix Richard Lawrence Arcade 7
Qix Robert Jung Arcade 7
Rampage Richard Lawrence Destruction 8
Rampage Screenshots John DeLuna Arcade Classic 8
Rampage Robert Jung Destruction 9
Rampart John DeLuna Arcade Classic 8
Rampart Robert Jung Arcade Classic 8.5
Road Blasters Richard Lawrence Combat racing 7
Road Blasters John DeLuna Combat racing 8
Road Blasters Robert Jung Combat racing 9
RoboSquash Richard Lawrence 3-D Pong  2
RoboSquash Robert Jung 3-D Pong  7
Robotron:2084 Richard Lawrence Arcade shoot'em  7
Robotron:2084 Robert Jung Arcade shoot'em  8.5
Rygar  Richard Lawrence Hack n' Slay  6
Rygar  John DeLuna Arcade 8
Rygar  Robert Jung Arcade 7.5
Scrapyard Dog Richard Lawrence Adventure  7
Scrapyard Dog Robert Jung Adventure  8.5
Shadow Of The Beast Robert Jung Platform 7.5
Shanghai Richard Lawrence Strategy  8
Shanghai Robert Jung Strategy  10
Slime World Richard Lawrence Weird adventure 9
S.T.U.N. Runner Richard Lawrence Action racing 8
S.T.U.N. Runner John DeLuna Racing 6
S.T.U.N. Runner Robert Jung Racing 9
Steel Talons John DeLuna Flight Sim 3
Steel Talons Robert Jung Flight Sim 9.5
Super Off-Road Robert Jung Racing 5
Switch Blade II Robert Jung Platform 5
Todd's Adv. In Slime World Robert Jung Platform 7
Toki John DeLuna Platform 7
Toki Robert Jung Platform 7
Tournament Cyberball Richard Lawrence Arcade sports  4
Tournament Cyberball Robert Jung Arcade sports  6
Turbo Sub Richard Lawrence Arcade sports 6
Turbo Sub John DeLuna Arcade sports 1
Turbo Sub Robert Jung Arcade sports 7.5
Viking Child Richard Lawrence Jump,hack,slay 5
Viking Child Robert Jung Action/Adv. 7
Warbirds Richard Lawrence Combat flight sim 9
Warbirds John DeLuna Combat flight sim 9
Warbirds Robert Jung Combat flight sim 9
World Class Soccer Robert Jung Sports 5
Xenophobe Richard Lawrence Platform Shooter 8
Xenophobe Robert Jung Platform Shooter 7
Xybots  Richard Lawrence Arcade 9
Xybots  John DeLuna Arcade 6
Xybots  Robert Jung Arcade 8
Zarlor Mercenary Richard Lawrence Shooter 8
Zarlor Mercenary John DeLuna Shooter 9
Zarlor Mercenary Robert Jung Shooter 9

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