Game Information

Games in Development

For the Atari Jaguar

Name Developer Type Status
StarAlliance - Battle for Earth Jaguar Development Club Shooter In Development
Protector S.E Songbird Productions Shooter In Development
'JagDOOM Group Game' Songbird Productions 1st Person On hold
Eternal Darkness OMC Games RPG In Development
Dark Guardian OMC Games Shooter In Development
The Assassin OMC Games Action RPG On hold
The Age of Darkness OMC Games Action RPG On hold
Arkanna Storm Works Interactive ? Canceled?
Hard Corps Storm Works Interactive ? Canceled?
Legion Force Jidai FORCE Design 2D Platform In Development
CRAZE Force Berzerk Clone In Development
Gorf 2000/Pluz Krunch/FORCE Shooter ?
Battle Puzzler FORCE Design ? In Development
Mad Bodies FORCE Design ? In Development

Unreleased Games

Lost Game Pics

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